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We are a family owned and operated real estate office that has been helping property owners manage their rental investments for over 50 years. While Fullerton and North Orange County have certainly changed a lot in recent decades, our approach to management has not. The touchstone of our company is that we professionally manage properties on a friendly and personal level, appealing to those who seek distinguished homes in a safe and pleasant environment.

As a property owner, you know the benefits of investing in real estate. However, you’ve probably also experienced all the headaches that go with that, which can be—in a word—overwhelming.  A professional property management company can not only cure those headaches, but even prevent them. It’s why we want you to consider trusting us, Ohana Properties, to make your job easier, more time-efficient, and more profitable.

We offer flexible service plans that allow you to decide how much or how little you want us to manage. Specifically, our services include:



  • Overseeing your daily/monthly tasks.  We will advertise & show the property, attract renters; collect rent; provide complete accounting services, property 

maintenance & inspections.

  • Thorough tenant screening. We qualify renters based on fair-housing rules and local/state regulations. All applications are run through financial, rental, and criminal background checks, and we contact references.

  • Maximizing your return on investment. We’re tied into numerous trustworthy vendors, suppliers and contractors, and can maintain/update properties at the highest quality for the lowest dollar. We’ll determine the highest competitive rental rate for your properties.

  • Reducing (and preventing!) litigation issues. We frequently see owners being punished for unknowingly running discriminatory ads. Just mere words in ads can invite fines! We know housing and discrimination laws and can distance you from litigation—even represent you in court.

  • Handling all your reporting needs. Depending on your management package, we can ensure a complete documentation of your property’s financial, maintenance and rental history.

  • Real Estate Services. We are a full-service real estate office and can provide a sale capability for those owners wishing to eventually sell their rental property, and assist buyers looking for an investment or primary residence.


Bottom line: Today’s renters expect much more than they did in the past. Whether you’re a new owner or an investment veteran, working with a property management company will 1) improve the quality of your residents, 2) retain your current tenant base, and 3) increase your properties’ value.


Please call us for a free property analysis and to discuss service options.

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